SDH Cancer
SDH Cancer

Our Selected Researcher of the Year

We are asking for donations to fund the SDH-deficient GIST research of Dr. Jason Sicklick and Dr. Pablo Tamayo.  The researchers' aim is to create SDH-deficient GIST cell lines and mouse models on which to perform state-of-the-art computational analyses and to map the oncogenic states of SDH-deficient GIST. They hope to illuminate the biology of SDH-deficient cancers and develop new approaches to stopping tumor growth and metastases. 


Development of in vitro and in silico models, as well as identification of anti-cancer therapies, may have applicability in the treatment of other SDH-deficient cancers such as paraganglioma, pheochromocytoma, and renal cell carcinoma.


The UCSD Foundation is a non-profit umbrella for Dr. Sicklick's research.  
All donations are tax deductible through the UCSD Founation and we've been promised 100% of donations go directly to research.  
Large donations are most appreciated.

A sample list of where funds go:


$100,000 annual budget is needed.

(A mouse that is DNA altered to have SDH cancer. This is necessary to test drugs before they are given to patients.)


Any donation amount helps.



100% of donations goes directly to research.

Please put SDH-RA in the dedication box.

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